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Antony Music Merch 


All Antony Carter Motivational Merch Gear At:

"Give Me A Song Like Jesus" Merch 

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the song "Give Me A Song Like Jesus" written by Antony Carter. In honor of celebration, this inspirational gear has been released.  


"If Anybody Has A Reason to Praise" Merch

Being the stellar song-writer he is, Antony Carter has also written a Chicago favorite, that has now spready city to city across the globe: "If Anybody Has a Reason to Praise." 


"Sweet Peace of Mind" Merch

In celebration of this 20 year mark, we also want to celebrate one of Antony's most loved tunes sung amongst the brotherhood: "Sweet Peace of Mind"


"Give Me A Song Like Jesus" Merch 

The "Give Me A Song Like Jesus" Merch includes t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, tumblers, and more. 


"If Anybody Has A Reason to Praise" Merch

This merch includes items inspired by that song and it's message. Stating that if anybody has a reason to sing, praise, shout, or smile, the body of Christ always does. 


"Sweet Peace of Mind" Merch

"Sweet Peace of Mind" is a beautiful tune, with second verse written by Brenda Gilbert, it really touches the hearts of many across the world.

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